KunstlerCast 303 — Jack Albert on Unwinding the Human Predicament

Posted: 29 Apr 2018 03:19 PM PDT

alpert jack Stanford Knowledge Integration LaboratoryJack Alpert is director of Stanford Knowledge Integration Lab, a Lab which he started in 1978 at Stanford University. In 1992 the Lab left Stanford and became a non profit research foundation. The research focused on how people gather and process information to understand dynamic systems. Over the years the Lab has transitioned its focus to the relationship between human cognition and civilization viability. The current work is on discovering and implementing behavior that “changes our course” and creates a sustainable civilization. Mr. Alpert predicts that the human population will be reduced by 90 percent before the year 2100.

Direct Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/kunstlercast/KunstlerCast_303.mp3

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