Drought Map for May 31st 2018

Is it wrong to eat plants? by James Wong BBC Science 5-28-2018

“Plant scientists from around the world are coming up with mind-blowing findings, and claiming that plants cannot just sense, but communicate, learn and remember. In an experiment in Australia, plants appeared to learn to associate a sound with a food source, just like the proverbial Pavlovian dogs linked the sound of a bell with dinner. Botanist James Wong explores these findings and asks whether, if plants can do all these things, and if, as one scientist says, they are a “who” and not a “what”, then is it wrong to eat them?”


Spring Peepers

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable – JFK

Hooo delivers your mail ?

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms by Scott Glaser‎, Grant County, in Wisconsin Morel Mushroom Hunters 5-24-2018

Drought Map for May 24th 2018

Arctic Sea Ice Extent for May 22nd 2018

Adult Play Pens

Raised Beds Built