Sandhill Cranes Are Smart -Pics by Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart in Birding Wisconsin 7-22-18
[photos taken on the west side of Madison]
Used with Permission

“Interesting experience yesterday while photographing a local Sandhill Crane family. After taking more photos of then needed I headed back to my parked car, leaned up against the passenger’s side front bumper for a second before packing the cameras away when I realized that the family was following me. I waited to watch them walk on by but, to my surprise, they stopped at the driver’s side bumper. At first I thought that they were looking at their reflections in the bumper had they not begun to remove insects from the bumper and grill! First it was the adult but soon the Colt caught on that these were easy pickings and joined in. Here are two photos of them breakfasting at the Subaru Cafe. Too bad that the lighting wasn’t better but…”

bird sandhills eating bugs off car bumper and grill by jim stewart birding wis 02 20180722

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