Firewood Art

100 years ago we had a neighbor up north who stacked his wood all fancy like this.

He was kinda an insufferable old jerk and used to rag on my cousin Dicky, who worked at the box factory where the guy was foreman.

So, one week when the foreman guy was up in Canada hunting, Cousin Dicky came and got me to give him a hand. Needed help unstacking Mr. Foreman’s wood art.

After we got it unstacked Dicky handed me a mop and a 5 gallon bucket, then got his own bucket and mop. In the back of Dicky’s pickup was a 55 gallon barrel of wood glue they used at the box factory.

Well, we slopped wood glue over every piece of Mr. Foreman’s firewood as we restacked his creation.

Mr. Foreman had a pretty good pile of stovewood right by his back door, so we figured it’d be a couple of weeks before he need to start using his fancy arty stuff. Which gave the glue plenty of time to set solid.

Kind of a sad ending though. Mr. Foreman died of a heart attack just after Thanksgiving, out in the woods all alone, making firewood in a snowstorm.

So it goes.

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