Thin Ice…

Carl and Roxanne lived near Silver Bay, Minnesota.

It was early winter and the lower portion of the their lake had frozen over.

Carl asked Roxanne if she would walk across the frozen part of the lake to the general store and get him some smokes and beer.

She asked him for some money, but he told her, “Nah, just put it on our tab. Old man Stacey won’t mind.”

So Roxie, being the good wife walked across the ice, got the smokes and beer at the store and then walked back home across the cove.

When she got home with the items she said, “Carl, you always tell me not to run up the tab at Stacey’s store … so why didn’t you just give me some money?”

Carl replied, “Well, I didn’t want to send you out there with cash when I wasn’t sure how thick the ice was!”

A love story like this almost brings tears to one’s eyes….

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