sez Joe, The Angry Hawaiian

“Imagine if you will, in a few short years, that information on current events will only be available from a narrow band of sources sanctioned by the government/corporate media. And this Orwellian future will be embraced by the majority of people because it provides security, both ideological and emotional.

Any dissension, criticism, whistle-blowing, anti-exceptionalism coming from critical voices will be labeled extremist. And this has been embraced by the two monopoly political parties.

I just received a questionnaire from the Democrats posing the question, “What’s the most important issue in the upcoming election?”

The very first multiple choice answer to pick from was – “Russian aggression and increasing global influence” Russia, a country with a small population and an economy that is a fraction of the US or Europe is our dire threat? Let’s just ignore the expansion of NATO onto Russia’s borders, or that the US State Dept. spent 5 billion dollar to change the politics of Ukraine.

Second most important issue asked on the questionnaire, “Protecting America from foreign cyber attacks” Let’s ignore the fact that the NSA is spying on all Internet traffic, that the CIA has misinformation programs like, “Operation Mockingbird” and many other covert activities to influence perceptions domestically.

The third Democratic Party priority question is “China’s increasing economic and military strength” China’s state controlled mercantile success lies directly on the twin shoulders of the US Government and it’s multi-national corporations. The US granted China, Most Favored Nation status in 1979, which gave it exposure to US markets with low tariffs. Almost immediately, corporations went to China and invested in factories because of the cheap Chinese labor while abandoning the US worker. And in May 2000 Bill Clinton backed a bipartisan effort to grant China permanent normal trade relations, effectively backing its bid to join the WTO.

We live in a country whereby the US Government has made it possible for corporations to pay little or no taxes, to be deregulated from government laws designed to protect the public, and allow corporate crimes to go unpunished while maintaining vast influence over the political system through campaign contributions and corporate ownership of the mass media.

This US Government/corporate partnership smells a lot like Fascism. Instead of Mussolini we have Trumpolini. And so our time’s brand of corporatism has descended over the eroding infrastructure of America.”

Joe the Angry Hawaiian

Drought Map for June 6th 2019

FDR’s D-Day Prayer

A copy of the D-Day Prayer FDR broadcast, and following that Mr. T’s rendition.

T’s version, via BBC

Red-Breasted Grosbeak by Bev Engstrom

Angry Sky in Henderson, MN June 4th 2019

Henderson Minnesota Police Department… Pretty much sums up the Henderson Classic Car Roll In tonight [June 4th 2019]. Credit given to Betty Dupay for the photo.

Cedar Waxwing by Bev Engstrom

Indole-3-Carbinol in broccoli and kale helps suppress tumor growth

The HELL of rented, not owned, software

Eric S. Raymond Calls SaaS [Software as a Service] ‘Dangerous’, ‘Worse Than Proprietary Software’ ( 13

Posted by EditorDavid on Sunday June 02, 2019 @05:17PM from the
software-as-a-disservice dept.
After Salesforce warned it retailers to stop selling military-style files, a larger issue was identified by Eric S. Raymond: software as a service. If the provider decides it doesn’t want your business, you probably have no real recourse. OK, you could sue for tortious interference in business relationships, but that’s chancy and anyway you didn’t want to be in a lawsuit, you wanted to conduct your business. This is why “software as a service” is dangerous folly, even worse than old-fashioned proprietary software at saddling you with a strategic business risk. You don’t own the software, the software owns you.

It’s 2019 and I feel like I shouldn’t have to restate the obvious, but if you want to keep control of your business the software you rely on needs to be open-source. All of it. All of it. And you can’t afford it to be tethered to a service provider even if the software itself is nominally open source. Otherwise, how do you know some political fanatic isn’t going to decide your product is unclean and chop you off at the knees?