Here’s The Question…

from Dave Winer @ Scripting. com

“Here’s the question I’d ask of the president’s defenders. Trump did something bad. If we don’t remove him, assume he’ll do more of that. And so will future presidents.

We could throw out the Constitution. The presidency would be a for-profit enterprise, with the president selling favors to foreign leaders in return for favors and money. Could he do similar deals with the head of the FBI and DOJ? Why not?

Would you pay taxes to such a government? Why? The Constitution would no longer have any force. Congress no longer serves as an oversight on the executive, you could all go home, or maybe you would blackmail local officials, of course kicking up a taste to President Trump (or whoever).

You say we should acquit Trump. So this new form of government is okay with you? And if it’s not (we hope) what should we do?”

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