Arctic Sea Ice Coverage Stops Growing in mid-November 2013

I’ve been watching the arctic ice cover for a long time and have never ever seen it turn down in mid-November… unprecedented ….


Aurora, Bjørn Jørgensen Oct 30, 2013 Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway


Canada’s Hudson Bay lowlands succumbing to climate change

“We document the rapid transformation of one of the Earth’s last remaining Arctic refugia, a change that is being driven by global warming. In stark contrast to the amplified warming observed

throughout much of the Arctic, the Hudson Bay Lowlands (HBL) of subarctic Canada has maintained cool temperatures, largely due to the counteracting effects of persistent sea ice. However, since the mid-1990s, climate of the HBL has passed a tipping point, the pace and magnitude of which is exceptional even by Arctic standards”

Aurora by C.K. Man 20131012 Prelude Lake Yellowknife NWT Canada

Inuit Art May2013 The 1959 Cape Dorset Prints Catalogue