Green Heron Uses Bread To Bait And Catch Fish

Damnedest thing I’ve seen in a long time… dumb beasts indeed.

Magic Piano

A remotely controlled piano in a train station interacts with people as they walk by. What happens next is amazing.

damn dog…

Of course we have Puppy Bowl X GIFs –


Basketed Lettuce …

Gift from Ardie… comes in pretty handy when you have to bring ’em in every night to keep ’em from freezing… temperature got down to 27 F early this AM in Red Wing, May 12th 2013…

Lettuce w Flash

Lettuce w Flash

lettuce 01

Lettuce Window Light

MAN – YouTube

How Clams Get To The Beach

Fun at the beach, huh ?
Salting clams on the seashore