Drought Map USA 20140218

Drought Map USA 20140204

Winter ice season is now 24 days shorter than it was in 1950, study finds | Science Recorder


Drought Map for 20140128

Boyo, is California ever in trouble. Keeps up all our veggies are comin’ outta
cans for the duration. Better get your seed catalogues out and plan on tilling
up the entire yard, huh?

Today’s snow brought to us by…

Continental Winds Monday 1/27/14 about 9AM

Here’s what the continental winds looked like around 9:00AM 20140127…

Drought Map for January 21, 2014

Drought Map USA 20131231

Drought Map for November 19th, 2013

Area is expanding once again…


Actic Sea Ice Accumulation Resumes 20131114