New York anti-vaxxers suing for right to infect public


As ongoing and growing measles outbreaks flare up around America some New York City anti-vaxxers are suing to block last-minute emergency measures city leaders are taking to slow the spread of infectious disease.

The anti-vaxxers are relying on the repetition of known bad science to carry the day.


Drought Map for April 18th 2019

His Crime

“A great number of those working for liberal causes are not only shy but borderline collusive. They want change to happen nicely, and it won’t. They want decency to come about without anybody suffering or being embarrassed, and it won’t. And most of all they want to give many of the enemies of open government the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t. It’s not just a difference of approach, it’s a complete schism in our respective philosophy. You can’t go about disclosure in the hope that it won’t spoil anybody’s dinner.”

Julian Assange

“His crime has been to make sense of dark times. WikiLeaks has an impeccable record of accuracy and authenticity which no newspaper, no TV channel, no radio station, no BBC, no New York Times, no Washington Post, no Guardian can equal. Indeed, it shames them. That explains why he is being punished.”

Atmospheric transport and deposition of microplastics in a remote mountain catchment

Atmospheric transport and deposition of microplastics in a remote mountain catchment
Plastic litter is an ever-increasing global issue and one of this generation’s key environmental challenges. Microplastics have reached oceans via river transport on a global scale. With the exception of two megacities, Paris (France) and Dongguan (China), there is a lack of information on atmospheric microplastic deposition or transport. Here we present the observations of atmospheric microplastic deposition in a remote, pristine mountain catchment (French Pyrenees). We analysed samples, taken over five months, that represent atmospheric wet and dry deposition and identified fibres up to ~750 µm long and fragments ≤300 µm as microplastics. We document relative daily counts of 249 fragments, 73 films and 44 fibres per square metre that deposited on the catchment. An air mass trajectory analysis shows microplastic transport through the atmosphere over a distance of up to 95 km. We suggest that microplastics can reach and affect remote, sparsely inhabited areas through atmospheric transport

It’s Time to Stop Pretending the Murdochs Are in the News Business

For Rupert and his sons, the press has always been the prime weapon in their power-seeking agenda.
By Eric Alterman
April 11, 2019

The New York Times Magazine’s recently published forensic examination of the power and influence of the Murdoch media empire is both a testament to what journalism can accomplish and an indictment of what it has, in the hands of Rupert Murdoch and his two sons, increasingly become. The 16,000-word investigation should quiet anyone who thinks that the survival of that often-infuriating newspaper is of no particular consequence to the future of American democracy. It should also lay to rest any remaining arguments that the Murdochs are engaged in anything but a power-seeking charade: pretending to be in the news profession while subverting it at every turn.

The piece, titled “Planet Fox,” by Jonathan Mahler and Jim Rutenberg, has not received the attention it deserves, in part because it does not contain any blockbuster scoops that could easily fit into a CNN or MSNBC chyron or pithy tweet. What it does contain is a history of how one family has been able to use the power of the press to subvert democratic norms, misinform citizens, undermine governments, and fill our national debates with lies, misogyny, racism, and ethnocentrism while calling it news.

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