Blueberry Mountain

We used to live in Grand Marais a good part of the summer back in the ’50s.

And picking blueberries was a big thing for my mom. Abe Lund (Lund’s Cabin Court) would tell us where the fresh burnt-over patches had enough regrowth that berries would be everywhere – and he was always right.

Here’s a pic from 68 years ago, somewhere up the Gunflint. Mom canned almost 100 pints that summer.

One really productive spot was on the side of Northern Light Mt. I was taking a break from picking, sitting on a log enjoying a breeze (berry pickin’ was hot work in August). Then a bear got on the other end of MY log and we teeter-tottered a bit till I decided if he wanted that log, he could have it. But he didn’t get my bucket of blueberries :-)

Mom canned 100 pints that summer… on a 2 burner gas hotplate

Drought Map for Jan. 9th 2020

Red Wing’s St John’s Hospital Nursing School Class of 1935-1936

My mother is 6th from left….

and here’s what St. John’s Hospital looked like

st john's hospital 1919

Drought Map for Jan. 2nd 2020

Tales of Life & Adventures of Tor Olaf Kolberg – Viking and American Citizen

My Great Uncle, Tor Olaf Gustav Kolberg (Billy), wrote a memoir covering his childhood in Norway, the trip to America, and growing up in Red Wing. It covers the years 1875 through to about 1909, but includes bits from some later times too. It’s a bit of a ramble that can give a present reader some insights.

I thought it had been lost – but now it’s found. I scanned it, ran it through an OCR and then made it into a PDF. Not a huge book, 25,000 words. I’m attaching the PDF so feel free to grab a copy to read when the mood may strike you.

Tales of Tor Olaf Kolberg – Viking and American Citizen.pdf

Spearing Fish in Winter c 1925

Spearing fish through the ice was a thing c. 1925 +/-.

Here are some fellows doing it on the Mississippi’s Back Channel that’s between Trenton Island and the Wisconsin shore.

Note the Wisconsin Game Warden on left in one of the photos.

A trench about two feet wide would be cut across the channel, a gang of men would go downstream aways and stomp on on the ice, driving the fish toward the spearmen.

Ice Spearing Fish Back Channel Mississippi at Red Wing c 1925 Fish Drivers in Background 588

Harry Howe took these photos and told me the game warden was there to make sure only rough fish were speared, and kept. Inadvertently speared game fish would go home w him…
Ice Spearing Fish Back Channel Mississippi at Red Wing c 1925 Wisconsin Game Warden on L c 1925 589

Ice Spearing Fish Back Channel Mississippi at Red Wing c 1925 591