all the airplanes, all at once at Oshkosh Airshow by Hal Davis

see below for info on Hal Davis’ shoot… and link to his page

I know the OSH airport manager and asked him to leave me on the east side of the airport for a few hours this past Sunday as aircraft were arriving for the start of #OSH19. This is nearly every arrival from 10am to 2pm on 36L and 36R.

From both a primary stationary camera and a secondary handheld camera (which I used for panning to allow for a slower shutter speed to capture some propeller blur), I took multiple photos of each airplane as it flew by. Afterward, I layered each airplane into this single composite image. I took some minor artistic liberty so that airplanes were not all on top of each other, but tried my best to keep them in the same general position as they flew by. I then corrected the lighting on individual aircraft so that they all had a consistent look and followed that up with some final global edits.

where all the prisoners are innocent

the cats would follow us out to the creek that ran through the pasture and eat the chubs we caught

Drought Map for July 25th 2019

Drought Map for July 18th 2019

Drought Map for July 11th 2019

Drought Map for July 3rd 2019