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dogz r amazin’

Southern Lights

Images captured by NASA IMAGE satellite courtesy of NASA Space Place. h/t http://biomesblog.typepad.com/the_biomes_blog/

Voyager Exits Solar System 20130913

Saw this on Gawker but their version is 970x546pixels and WordPress won’t display animations that big… so, rescued by GiFResizer (http://www.ashongsoft.com/gif.resizer.documents.html)


WHAT’S IT ????



bear necessities

There’ll always be an England…

“A parrot owner was given £2,200 in compensation after a low-flying RAF plane caused his feathered friend to drop dead.


The pet bird was terrified by the noise when the Hercules transport aircraft roared over its owner’s house.

parrot-peg-leg-on-crutch-pirate theme-small-edgedIts death in Ayrshire followed a similar incident where a low-flying plane caused a parrot to fall off its perch and break both its legs. Military chiefs agreed to cover vet bills – including two splints.”



Every Photographer Has An OH SHIT Moment

hat tip gawker, where it runs as a great big gif… this here’s a much smaller file size mp4

Happy Birthday, Nancy & Lynn

After much fiddling about I discovered there is indeed a way to get animated gifs to work in WordPress. No joy at Facebook, natch, about what I’ve come to expect from that broken fail.