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Stop Being Mean To The Anti-Vax Horse Paste Eaters

One of the dumbest bits of the “discourse” at the moment. Part of the “everybody needs to act as if they are a highly paid PR professional” view which seems to have taken over. I don’t know precisely how the CDC or the FDA or Joe the Biden should deal with these people, but random people on the internet making horse paste jokes aren’t causing people to ingest horse paste, the very rich leading lights of the conservative media are doing that.

Me offering them a hug isn’t going to change that.

I suspect poor vaccine outreach to regions and communities with low vaccination rates (particularly in certain states) is an underreported reason for low vaccination rates, but that’s all the more reason not to focus national policy and The Discourse on coddling the biggest assholes in the country.

by Atrios

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Till Death Do Us Part… And Part

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Fullbore Friday- Naval Historian James D. Hornfischer

Friday, June 04, 2021

Fullbore Friday-Naval Historian James D. Hornfischer

by Cdr Salamander

This FbF I’d like to take a moment to recognize someone who is, in my mind at least, fullbore. He did not do anything exceptional in war or other usual benchmarks to make FbF … but he did something more.

He brought to life to a huge audience the great deeds of others in the naval service. He did it in a way that made people think about the example set and the lessons that could be useful for today and the future.

Brain cancer took him this week, too soon, but he left behind a legacy generations will benefit from.

Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, Neptune’s Inferno, Ship of Ghosts, A Fleet at Flood Tide and more. Regulars here know these books and their author, James D. Hornfischer.

He was always a gentlemen and always responded to DMs and emails. I am mad I never tried harder to have him on Midrats more than just once. I looked at the emails I exchanged with him in 2016 for A Fleet at Flood Tide and we just couldn’t get the schedule right. It’s my fault, really.

A lesson for me here. I’m sorry I didn’t try harder Jim. Your books deserved it. My bust.

James D. Hornfischer; author, historian, navalist, and an all around great guy. Thanks for the gifts you’ve given us all.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent for May 30th 2021