Addie Gulph 20170814

Classic Shell updat

Classic Shell is packaged as a suite of three components, all optional and independent of each other:
Classic Start Menu — A re-implementation of the Start Menu, replicating features from several different generations of Windows

Classic Explorer — An add-on to File/Windows Explorer, restoring and extending features present in various Windows releases

Classic IE — An add-on for Internet Explorer 9 and later, it restores the web page title to the window title bar, and various details to the status bar

Here’s what’s new:

Official support for the Creators Update version of Windows 10 Added a setting to clear icon cache
Multiple minor improvements and bugfixes

Nick Lawler on Home Leave from Navy 20170812

Horse Whipping Time for Pharma Execs

Horse whipping used to be an actual thing – as a kid, I can remember hearing of it happening, and the nearly wholly justified reasons it happened.

Here we have yet another instance where this form of corrective action seems appropriate: vital heart medicines, out-of-patent, nitroprusside went from $27.46 in 2012 to $880.88 in 2015; isoproterenol went from $26.20 to $1,790.11. These are meds without any substitute.

This is only the latest in a long, sordid chapter, mostly American, of criminal behavior on the part of the people running pharma corporations. And nothing is done about it.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent August 10th 2017

Drought May for Aug 8th 2017

Springer Spaniel Spots A Squirrel