Putting ALL Our Navigation Eggs Up For Breaking

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Knife Fighting in the Dark; the Civil Side

(The military side)

One of the side-effects of a war between adversaries with first-world comparable EW gear will be a loss of the GPS network. Whether it will be world-wide or localized to the combat area(s), whether the GPS constellation itself will be disrupted is a matter of speculation.

But what will also likely happen is a disruption of the global air traffic system. The short-sighted beancountrs int he FAA have been pushing the decommissioning of a large chunk of the VOR network and shutting down VOR/DME -based approaches. In the event of such a war, less than two hundred “safe” airports will retain the capability to conduct VOR-based instrument approaches. All of the rest of the airport that had VOR-based or NDB-based approaches will be shit out of luck.

Besides that, putting all of the airspace control eggs into satellite based systems is betting on that there won’t be any significant solar flares.

In some ways, it doesn’t matter very much. Some airliners can’t track a VOR. Their navigation systems use GPS and overlay the VOR approach on their GPS displays. So while it may look as though they’re flying a VOR approach, they really aren’t. Losing GPS would transform those airplanes into VFR-only which would effectively ground them all, as they’d be fuel-sucking pigs at VFR altitudes.

Time was, we had redundant systems of navigation. When IFR airplanes had ADFs, the location of the higher-power AM radio stations were on the navigation charts. It wasn’t fun drawing lines-of-position on charts in a cockpit, but it could be done. (See, chapter five of Fate is the Hunter ) High-end airplanes several decades ago had OMEGA and LORAN. Microprocessors made LORAN usable in small aircraft and boats.

It’s more than airliners and boats. The trucking industry is dependent on GPS. GPS units ensure that truckers avoid parkways and low bridges. It’s far more accurate than the old road atlases. Crop-dusters use GPS to precisely apply their chemicals. Farms use GPS to micro-customize the management of their fields. EMS uses GPS to navigate to the site of the emergency. If you call 9-1-1 on your cell phone or hit the emergency button on your car’s nav system (or OnStar), the car sends your GPS location. The clown who stalked you and is wearing an ankle bracelet so he stays away from you while he’s out on bail– want to guess how that thing works?

If the GPS constellation is degraded or disabled in a war, the effects will be far-reaching beyond what most people can fathom.

KunstlerCast 303 — Jack Albert on Unwinding the Human Predicament

Posted: 29 Apr 2018 03:19 PM PDT

alpert jack Stanford Knowledge Integration LaboratoryJack Alpert is director of Stanford Knowledge Integration Lab, a Lab which he started in 1978 at Stanford University. In 1992 the Lab left Stanford and became a non profit research foundation. The research focused on how people gather and process information to understand dynamic systems. Over the years the Lab has transitioned its focus to the relationship between human cognition and civilization viability. The current work is on discovering and implementing behavior that “changes our course” and creates a sustainable civilization. Mr. Alpert predicts that the human population will be reduced by 90 percent before the year 2100.

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Great Grandma Ida Quast Buchholtz

Going through old photos puts me in mind of so many details of our lives. Before the Minnesota State Prison in Stillwater started making twine there was an outfit that grew and bought raw hemp and made twine in SE Minnesota. Twine was needed because we shocked our grains – our oats, wheat, rye, sorghum, etc. because we used a horse-drawn McCormick reaper, and the reaper needed twine to tie the bundles. But crickets love twine, so you had to be damn careful how you stored your twine or crickets would chew their way through your twine bales, and then you had lots of foot-long bits of twine, useless at harvest. Not even good enough for 1st cut flax – the stuff you made your fine linens from.

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Naomi Dagen Bloom Enjoying your history though nothing comparable to share. Am a fan of hemp–have knit with hemp from Romania also mix of wool and hemp from China. Also paid a bundle for couple of reams hemp paper few years ago to print environmental manifesto.
Phyllis ThomfordePhyllis Thomforde I spotted my German Gramma right away! And cute little Marion and Betty! Gramma was about 60 yrs. old at the time of the photo. I would say Gramma got better looking as she aged! She was a cool lady!

Mom. dog Jackie, Uncle John 1923

You always wanted a good cow dog around. Everybody had cows, and if you had cows, somewhere there was a bull. And if the bull came after you, you wanted your cattle dog right there with you to bite and chew that damn bull until he got off you…

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11Phyllis Thomforde, Terry Genesen Becker and 9 others

Phyllis Thomforde Why did they make John wear a dress??? Ray Howe Ray Howe Don’t know – but I do recall it being remarked on years n years later

We gotta up the game against ALL communicable diseases

a lot of us have been hollering this for decades….
maybe Gates getting on the oars will get us there

“The world needs to prepare for pandemics the way the military prepares for war,” Gates said.

Bill Gates Pledges $12M to Search for Universal Flu Vaccine
The Microsoft founder and philanthropist warned that a severe pandemic could kill tens of millions in a matter of months if…

Who, in science or medicine, thinks this is OK?

this is grossly unacceptable… they’ve got to do better, and do it fast

Study predicts 2018 flu vaccine will likely have 20 percent efficacy: Rice U. study finds egg adaptations will limit efficacy of new flu vaccine
A new study of 6,610 human flu sequences…

California GOP U.S. Sen. Candidate calls for country “free from Jews”

u gotta be shitting…

About this article

Top-polling California Republican Senate candidate has called for country “free From Jews”
Patrick Little has followed a trend of candidates running for office on an anti-Semitic platform.

What If South Korea Told U.S To Get Out?

What the Koreans could well do is to “invite” U.S. forces to leave Korea and do a deal among themselves. If they don’t take charge themselves and the U.S. does to them what we did to Libya, unspeakable horrors await them…

Raising Eyebrows, Bolton Says US Has ‘Libya Model’ In Mind For North Korea
National Security Adviser John Bolton said Sunday that the United States had the “Libya model” in mind for its future…

You never know when a frog family is watching

Drought Map for April 26th 2018