Drought Map for Feb. 23rd 2016

Drought Map for Feb. 16th 2016

Aurora over Thule, Greenland 2/13/16

photo by Shane Martin

Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein NY Times 20160212

Goldman Sacks Rome

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them.

-Matthew 4:8

That’s what they offered.

-Hillary Clinton

The Spirit brought her out, and the devil said
some of these rider reqs are quite obscene:
a private jet and caviar in the green
room? We usually do business class instead;
a good hotel, of course, and comfy bed,
but a whole floor and a fleet of limousines?
eunuch attendants and a host of seraphim?
payment in blood? the final triumph of the dead?
She shrugged. Look, Satan, one accrues,
when one is such an avatar of ex-
cellence and obviously deservèd fame,
some costs and expectations; retinues
aren’t cheap these days; they require sex,
feeding, jobs, and booze to treat the shame.

Jacob Bacharach


Aurora by Alan Dyer on February 9, 2015 @ Churchill, Manitoba

Drought Map for Feb. 9th 2016

Aurora at Fairbanks, Alaska 2/8/16

photo by Marketa Murray

Say “Goodbye” to Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Elephants …

… and hippos and Cape buffaloes and gazelles and zebras and hyenas and aw, hell, every other wild critter in Africa. For the population of Africa in 2100 will be between 3.4 to 5.8 billion peopl, up from 1.2 billion today.


Drought Map for Feb. 2nd 2016