Drought Map for Jan. 30th 2020

Here’s The Question…

from Dave Winer @ Scripting. com

“Here’s the question I’d ask of the president’s defenders. Trump did something bad. If we don’t remove him, assume he’ll do more of that. And so will future presidents.

We could throw out the Constitution. The presidency would be a for-profit enterprise, with the president selling favors to foreign leaders in return for favors and money. Could he do similar deals with the head of the FBI and DOJ? Why not?

Would you pay taxes to such a government? Why? The Constitution would no longer have any force. Congress no longer serves as an oversight on the executive, you could all go home, or maybe you would blackmail local officials, of course kicking up a taste to President Trump (or whoever).

You say we should acquit Trump. So this new form of government is okay with you? And if it’s not (we hope) what should we do?”

W9FWN Talks To The World

82 years ago… 1938. My dad and his Ham Radio friends were really the first settlers in Cyberspace – it wasn’t the first internet users. Working a code bug and listening in was totally ‘out there’… you often did it w your eyes closed, and if your code correspondent was on Pitcairn Island or in Nepal, somewhere, you were there too somehow. Physically, you might be sitting in a tent on the North Shore but you felt like you were in another universe. You might have friends on the Azores, or some tin mine in Bolivia and you talked to ’em pretty regularly, at a time when long distance calls to Minneapolis would break your bank.

Drought Map for Jan. 23rd 2020

Wright does what I’m too tired to do… spells it out… Again … Stonekettle Station – SNAKE

Wright does what I’m too tired to do… spells it out… Again …

4 Today Photo Zip

4 Today

Blueberry Mountain

We used to live in Grand Marais a good part of the summer back in the ’50s.

And picking blueberries was a big thing for my mom. Abe Lund (Lund’s Cabin Court) would tell us where the fresh burnt-over patches had enough regrowth that berries would be everywhere – and he was always right.

Here’s a pic from 68 years ago, somewhere up the Gunflint. Mom canned almost 100 pints that summer.

One really productive spot was on the side of Northern Light Mt. I was taking a break from picking, sitting on a log enjoying a breeze (berry pickin’ was hot work in August). Then a bear got on the other end of MY log and we teeter-tottered a bit till I decided if he wanted that log, he could have it. But he didn’t get my bucket of blueberries :-)

Mom canned 100 pints that summer… on a 2 burner gas hotplate

Drought Map for Jan. 9th 2020

Red Wing’s St John’s Hospital Nursing School Class of 1935-1936

My mother is 6th from left….

and here’s what St. John’s Hospital looked like

st john's hospital 1919