As an election judge for fourteen years, one of the things I picked up on was how proud people were to have voted; their satisfaction was written all over them…

I don’t think a momentary exposure will convey that, you have to be there for a few hours, at least, and I was present from 7:00 am until we wrapped up at 9:00 or 10:00 pm…

As people came in they’d be looking around, kinda serious like, but after they voted and got their I VOTED sticker they’d be grinning from ear to ear… even Pickle Hanson – who never had a good word for anything (thus his nickname) – would be grinning … I grew up in my precinct and knew damn near everyone and there was a festive air about, an “I Am A Citizen” kinda vibe like everyone was posing for a Norman Rockwell painting.

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