A Poem for Thursday


A white sky brooding over streets and trees
Spreads a down blanket over a landscape
Of hillsides, rooftops and lawns
Silenced under the weight of a sea of snow.

Through the off-white flowers and leaves
Of lace curtains hanging like a bridal veil
Over a maiden earth still virginal,
I gaze at a scene so intensely beautiful

No man would desire to mar its pale innocence
With a finger touch, or dare to remove the veil.
The lacework casts the shadows of blossoms and vines
Over whiteness watercolored by an invisible hand.

In my dead reckonings I gaze through a glass darkly,
The curtain’s symmetry of needlework my template,
And consolation, for an earth unmoved by misery,
And for hunger still lurking beneath spring’s shroud.

Record? 15 Inch Snowfall in Red Wing, MN May 2nd, 2013

Well, yup… world turned upside down… inside out ? Folk hereabout gotta have something inane to bitch about, digress into… such fun… Da Year Wid No Summer … What’re we gonna do?, too late to plant peas, lettuce’ll burn off an ya won’t get more’n a taste… Anyway, shot a video with a little Canon A1100 snapshot shooter for to amuse ya’all…