Doug Fifield
Duluth ·

I think it’s time to address a serious issue facing the United States. This problem affects all of us and has potential life threatening consequences. It is everywhere. It makes its presence known every day, and yet, no one wants to talk about it.

I am referencing mental illness. Oh sure, we all can recall the homeless guy muttering to himself as he shuffles down the sidewalk. Or the distant relative who “had to go away for a while” and spends a lot of time drooling now. This is not the mental illness I am talking about.

I am talking about one half of the population of the United States. I am talking about those of us who cannot accept their place in the cosmos nor recognize that their actions are contributing to the decline and degradation of our communal home. I am talking about the people who cannot connect the dots which, if connected, clearly point to the spot where the road runs off the cliff. I am talking about the people who no longer feel any responsibility for the future, who condemn our children, grandchildren, and on down the line, to a world gone mad.

We have always had crazy people among us. Some cultures recognize such differences and celebrate those who’s craziness is benign, and try to bring those who drift into unhealthy realms back into alignment with the cosmic order. Some cultures simply lock them away and forget where they put the key. And some cultures elect them.

The United States wasn’t always half insane. Perhaps it is television, or toxins in the air and water that have caused this problem to grow. I don’t know, but I can see it happening before my eyes. A growing number of us seem to be determined to harm themselves, and others, by choosing self-destructive paths. A growing number of us are now embracing ignorance, celebrating stupidity like its the next best thing to sliced bread. Where does this come from?

Is it a reaction to societal changes? Is it simply fear of what is to come, therefore it is safer to simply pretend that uncomfortable thoughts don’t exist? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I hope to survive the next little bit to see what happens, but I worry for my fellow travelers. The world seems large, but it is not really. We spin around on a finite mud ball with a paper thin atmospheric coating. We won’t get any more water, air, or minerals once we have used up, wasted, or poisoned what we have. This is an actual fact. I didn’t get it from social media or a slanted news source. And yet, a growing segment of our citizens are taking actions every day that will doom us. That’s crazy.

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